There’s only one thing better than having a dog, and that’s having more than one dog. Dogs are just sort of these endless fountains of joy. And also fur. They’re fur fountains that bring us happiness, and thus we must pay tribute to them with our memes.

Here are fourteen such memes to make your heart go squeal.

14. A fair warning

Oh I am VERY aware of dog, don’t you worry.

13. Trick questions

Get this pupper on Doggo Jeopardy.

12. A slice of happiness

I’d take a piece of that.

11. Rules are rules

“Why must you do this every time I’m about my business, Greg?”

10. That’s the stuff

Why this rips me to the very core.

9. Flood of joy

10/10, would drown here, heckin good way to die.

8. I’m a pupper person

If you ain’t got the boi, ya don’t bring me joy.

7. So long, salon

What wizardry is this?!

6. Join us, join us, join us…

Where do I sign up for this program?

5. Growing up

There’s um…there’s something in my eye.

4. The final countdown

Ok, you actually just blew my mind.

3. Shifting blame

Is this the Taco Bell dog?

2. Go fetch

When you’re mid-poop and you realize you’ve run out.

1. Up we go

That dog is very patient but has clearly seen enough today.

We don’t deserve dogs. But don’t tell them that. I’d really like to keep ’em anyway.

What’s your favorite thing about doggos?

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