My style of pun is pretty acidic, but not all puns are like that.

Many puns are just silly and maybe even wholesome, like my favorite cheesy ’90s sitcoms.

Here are 10 puns that wouldn’t hurt a fly, but might make it head for the window. (see what I did there?)

1. Find the Will

Will Smith would be pro– wait, no he wouldn’t. Is this a good time for that?

2. As in Sinatra?

He probably does use “Frank” as an alias just so he can tell this joke in good faith.

3. Oh, God

Not that kind of bill, but at least there are no casualties in this awful joke.

4. I’m School

This one hurt my brain. I doubt people would get it.

5. Banished forever

So much for terms of endearment. Maybe they weren’t an ideal pair.

6. Jokester patient

Whatever helps you get through conversations about your health, I guess.

7. Simple

Why complicate things? Americans call it like it is. Who needs a two-syllable word to describe a season, anyway.

8. Congrats

The moon is just right for it, if you think about it. Be sure to support him.

9. Returning it

Seems like a lot of work to lug that back to the store just to tell a bad joke, but what do I know?

10. Really dad?

Isn’t your son going through enough?

Sometimes a safe pun is the best way to go to avoid ruffling feathers and even those ones can still make people smile.

What’s the cheesiest, most wholesome pun you’ve ever heard?

Tell us in the comments.