Guys…what are you doing?

We’ve been over this again and again and it seems like you still haven’t learned your lesson…

So let’s do it one more time.

I know it’s hard, but please do everything in your power to avoid “mansplaining” things to women…because it never ends well.

Here are some good examples of what I’m talking about. Get ready to pay attention.

1. Nice try.

Better luck next time!

2. Maybe next time.

Got owned!

3. Here are the studies.

Uh uh…

4. I read an article once…

Oh, boy…

5. That’s actually my specialty…

What an idiot.

6. Mother knows best.

All the time!

7. Showed ’em!

That’s how it’s done.

8. That’s adorable…

How cute!

9. Happens all the time.

That’s annoying…

10. You just don’t understand.

Oh, really?

Has a guy ever mansplained something to you?

Share some stories with us in the comments.

Thanks in advance!