It’s hard to find a good job these days. And even once you do FIND one, there can be seemingly arbitrary and random hurdles in the way of actually landing the dang thing.

But if you’re frustrated by the never-ending hunt, worry not, there’s a place on the internet where you can go to complain about it, and as with all places people go to complain about stuff, it’s a subreddit.

So enjoy (?) these bad job listings. Read ’em over like its your job.

10. Invalid email

Who’s the genius who forgot there are web extensions other than “.com?”

But it is a valid email address… It’s my own!
by inrecruitinghell

9. Double up

Oh, it’s that simple? Well why didn’t you say so!

Boomer advice: Unhappy in your career? Well, that’s why you should really have (AT LEAST) two careers
by inrecruitinghell

8. Extra super bonus questions time

And this was probably in addition to a cover letter.

“We’re probably not even going to interview you, but please answer these pointless, stupid questions first.”
byu/bloomingfireweed inrecruitinghell

7. Assigned as necessary

In other words, your job here is gonna be whatever we say from day to day.

This is an actual live job posting.
byu/Honest-Mechanic inrecruitinghell

6. Five years experience

GitHub copilot is an AI coding assistant that definitely hasn’t been around for five years.

5 years of experience with GitHub copilot
byu/getNextException inrecruitinghell

5. Visa, please?

Wait, are you charging me?

Any old visa will do
byu/CuttingEdgeRetro inrecruitinghell

4. Not allowed

I’m all for password security but wtf even is a “special character?”
If I don’t know, then my parents DEFINITELY don’t.

This is why people can’t be bothered to apply for jobs that require accounts.
byu/CearaLucaya inrecruitinghell

3. Oh really!

Don’t be so damn generous!

Well, I guess it’s better than unpaid?
byu/vbigoof inrecruitinghell

2. The bare minimum


We’ll give you what we are legally required to give and make it look special
byu/tkea inrecruitinghell

1. The list

Satirical obviously, but a lot of self-made stories do be like…

So Inspiring ♥️
byu/neatokra inrecruitinghell

If you’re job hunting, best of luck out there. Hope you land the big, actually good one real soon.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever applied for?

Tell us about it in the comments.