I know we live in a pretty divided country right now, but I think we can all agree that dogs are cats are SIMPLY THE BEST.

You’re on board with that, right?

Good! Now enjoy these great tweets about those fuzzy little hell raisers!

1. I’d be okay with that.

What a way to go!

2. Whatever works.

Look closely…

3. Hey o!

This is a real zinger.

4. Are you sure about that?

I have my doubts.

5. We should all be like this.

Just like those dogs…

6. That is good!

Pretty impressive!

7. Oh, thanks!

I was looking for that.

8. That wasn’t cool.

Now look what you did!

9. A mythical wizard.

I’m in love with this creature.

10. The gang’s all here.

What a life!

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Tell us all about your furry friends in the comments.

And share some pics with us, too!