Look, we’re all just trying our best here, right? I mean, personally, given how often I absolutely fall on my face in failure the idea that that’s somehow my BEST isn’t super comforting, but still, it’s at least something I can honestly say to get people off my back. And by people, I mean me. I’m on my own back a lot. Somehow.

Despite the fact that we’re all out here trying, often times we just don’t cut the mustard. Or we spill the mustard all over ourselves because we were trying to cut it for some reason.

Take solace in the fact that these tweets feature people who were also trying and failing.

10. Give thonks

Oh, no worries. You’re wolcome.

9. Thoughts and prayers

Also women:

8. The ultimate munchie

You’re really playing with fire now, friend.

7. I think I’ll try defying gravity

Oh the things we do just to get the shot.

6. A taxing conversation

A whole lot of temporarily embarrassed millionaires out here.

5. Bon appetit

I don’t think I could eat that if you paid me to.

4. The chef’s special!

Nothing but the finest for you, friend.

3. Curses

This is what people mean when they tell you they have a window of opportunity to offer.

2. Killed by love

Yeah that’s kind of the story of my life.

1. Fact check

Ok, he might not actually have been trying.

The struggle is real, what can I say?

What’s been your biggest fail as of late?

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