Tumblr has been around for a while now, and when there’s been more than a little speculation over the years that it may eventually go the way of Xanga or Myspace. This kind of talk was especially prevalent when the site went under new ownership and banned some of the – erm – spicier content the platform had to offer.

But it lives on, and there’s a good reason. That reason being, it gives us gold. Pure gold. The stuff of heavenly streets.

Let’s look at a few reasons Tumblr should stay around forever, shall we?

12. It prepares you for the tests

That last sentence really hits hard.


11. They provide deaf comedy jams

Wait for the last bit.


10. They clear a few things up

Oh dang, what if I just like writing terrible stuff?


9. Their dank memes

I want to clean my screen off just looking at this.


8. Their vivid illustrations

Nobody can express it quite like this.


7. Their niche gameplay

I had to look it up, this was apparently a real thing briefly, though it’s gone now.
Maybe you can find it on the Wayback Machine?


6. They put those kids in their place

Not to brag but I’m pretty good myself.


5. They come up with the best terminology

Even if they don’t land on it right away.


4. They love animals

Where we go one, we go all.


3. They have great debate prep

Ah, yes, interesting.


2. They tell wonderful stories

Or whatever this might be.


1. They’re great science communicators

It’s all so much clearer now.


Case. Closed.

What’s your favorite thing about Tumblr?

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