What do you think is the brokest you’ve ever been in your life?

And how did you deal with it?

It stinks, right?!?!

No doubt about that!

And these tweets accurately sum up what it’s like to not have any money.

Let’s take a look.

1. You’re almost there!

Keep going!

2. That’s hot!

More of that, please!

3. I’m good.

Maybe next time…

4. I’ll give it a shot.

It could work…

5. Do I need that?

Might look nice in the living room…

6. Time to dine and ditch.

Get ready to run!

7. Not much fun, is it?

A vicious cycle.

8. Why are you doing this again?

We’ve talked about this!

9. Just being honest.

Gotta teach ’em young.

10. This is great!

I haven’t seen this one!

How about you?

Are you broke as a joke right now or doin’ just fine?

Give us an update in the comments!