A lot of Twitter is just the same stuff over and over; political arguments, self-righteous anger over any give topic, pithy little observations, wild stanning, attempted takedowns, attempted jokes, it all just kind of washes over you and moves right past your brain.

But some of it has a very different effect. Some of it is so wild, so ridiculous, so absolutely cringe, that it will not only force you to take notice, but may in fact put a stop to your brain function altogether.

These are ten such tweets. How many are sincere? How many are trolling? How many are copies from some long lost source of equally dubious origin? It’s impossible to say. All we can tell you is to prepare yourself for the worst.

10. Enjoy it while it last

This bit of cringe was originally a reply to a (now deleted) simple, sweet declaration of love from a wife to a husband.


9. The cross driver

I’m gonna need to you go ahead and say sike right now.


8. The killer looks

Oh…well that’s…um…*backs out of room slowly*

7. Follow back bro

This man’s got his priorities straight.

6. Eat fresh

Not like this…never like this.

5. Wasteful idiot

I need this to be a weird joke.
I NEED this to be a weird joke.


4. BTS

These stans are getting out of control.

3. Chew on that

Hey where do you live so I can never go there.

2. The speed of sound

I’m going to need to have a serious conversation with 9.2% of you.


1. Smoke ’em up

I’m sure it’s exactly what he would have wanted.

Well, I’d better make this outro brief because my brain stopped working.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on the internet lately?

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