Are you having a little trouble just getting through stuff lately? Do you need a boost? A pick-me-up? A billion dollars?

Well, we can’t really help with that last thing. We’ve been trying to throw a pizza party around here and so far our fund is some old Dave and Busters tokens we found in the couch. But we CAN probably assist with the first couple of things in the form of these here tweets.

They’re really gonna pull ya through!

10. Good and bad

There’s a silver lining to every hardship.

9. Its’a me

In Italy, everyone is requires to constantly be gripping a tiny flower.


8. Hot girl summer

It’s the only kind to have.

7. The pacer test

Ready, set…

6. No cap

Like chips, it’s mostly air.


5. Potato, potato

That’s somehow more suspicious than a bomb, I think.

4. The bouch

Oh boy, college was a wild time.

3. The big snake guy

You gotta learn about it, that way you know when you’re dealing with a snake.

2. Old medicine

I’m not sure if you can handle the real strong stuff.

1. Excuse me?

This joke is evergreen.

And with that, we hope that we have given you the strength to carry on. Through tweets. Through memes. Through everything that this big wide internet has to offer us all.

If the whole internet were going to go away and you could only pick one site to keep bringing you strength, which one would you pick and why?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks fam!