Hey, I’m all for DIY projects, whether they involve fixing something around the house in a creative way or creating some original art.

But sometimes these do-it-yourself projects can go awry…and they leave folks scratching their heads.

Here are 12 perfect examples of what I’m talking about…because I firmly believe that you will be puzzled by what these people came up with.

Take a look…

1. This is so disturbing.

Not to mention disgusting…

2. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like this before…

But hey, you do you! Nice work!

3. I’d move out of that house if I were you.

And I’d burn it to the ground.

4. Kind of funny but I’m not really feeling it.

Would you have one of these in your house? I didn’t think so…

5. Are you into “cardening”?

It’s the sensation that’s sweeping the nation!

6. This isn’t the worst idea I’ve ever seen…

But it’s still making me uncomfortable…

7. I have a feeling a lot of brides are gonna go for this.

You can brag about it the day of your wedding!

8. I wonder how long it will last…

Doesn’t seem like it would be down for the long haul…

9. Do you like your utensils bedazzled?

Hey, why not?!?!

10. I think you’re gonna get caught if you try this.

Just say no to a life of crime.

Have you seen any weird DIY projects?

Ones that make you shake your head in disbelief?

Tell us about them in the comments.

And share some pics!

We’d love to hear from you!