Genetics are a pretty incredible thing. Even within just one type of animal, the variation can be vast. And what’s more, there’s no limit to it. That’s how evolution works, after all.

Whether through natural selection or purposeful breeding, we’re getting new kinds of lovable doggos and kittens and other cuddly creatures all the time. And each is unique.

Let’s celebrate some notable critters here, via the good folks on Reddit.

10. Just browsing

He looks like he’s got a secret to tell me, and I can’t wait to hear it.

This dog I met with a single eyebrow
byu/izzyg800 inrarepuppers

9. The eyes have it

You got some kind of wisdom up in the noggin, kitty?

My boy’s right eye darken each day while left eye looses its pigment
byu/Tipsiara666 incats

8. Good gurrrlll

She looks like she got into a bag of flour or something.

Good gurrrlll is now cookies and cream. 1.5 year difference
byu/myagley inrarepuppers

7. Old and grey

But only in that one little spot.

This old cat only has grey ears
byu/tootsyjango inmildlyinteresting

6. Never forget

The sad thing is that he’ll never know.

My dog’s marking resembles an elephant
byu/Empty-Number-3029 inmildlyinteresting

5. Bean counters

We’re gonna be here a while.

Eggleston has some extra toes.
by inaww

4. Blue/green

Ironically two colors that dogs have some trouble differentiating.

My dog Basil has one perfect blue/green split eye
byu/sleepingredwolves inrarepuppers

3. Can you see the pattern?

When you finally stop being lazy and refill the printer ink.

Her pattern finally came through!
byu/BQYA incats

2. Sanoi

Have you heard the good news? She has.

This my new pupper Sanoi! She’s about 14 weeks old and can’t figure out what to do with her ears
byu/MirandaCool inrarepuppers

1. The bright spot

Dang, pup, eat something why don’tcha.

My dogs Achilles are translucent in the sun.
byu/jritt24 inmildlyinteresting

There’s really nothing better than the love of a good pet. And whether or not they have any distinguishing physical marks that others would notice, they’re always unique and perfect in our hearts. And that’s really what counts.

What is your pet like? Do they have any special features?

Tell us all about them in the comments, please. Spare no detail.