If you love bookstores, you may want to plan your next vacation around seeing this one.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a 100 year old theater has been transformed into a gorgeous bookstore. After a life of ballet and dramas, film screenings and operas, it now houses millions of books–all of them for sale.


Back in 2000, a book publisher teamed up with an architect to transform the elegant theater into a book-lover’s paradise.

Remarkably, the space still looks and feels like a grand theater. You can even see the theater boxes and curtains. In this hall, you are encouraged to pick up a book and take your seat…to read.


The theater-turned-bookstore is called El Ateneo Grand Splendid. Splendid being the operative word, here. The store is a favorite among tourists who love unique bookstores. Many of their books are also in English, so it’s not a problem if you don’t read any Spanish.


But, why don’t you pick up some Spanish-language books while you are there? You can also have lunch or enjoy coffee in their charming cafe situated on the former stage.

When you are there, you can close your eyes and imagine the dancers that once performed the tango right on the stage where you are reading.

Coffee, dancing and books? I’m packing right now.