Feeling kind of heavy and dark these days? None of these animals want you to feel that way ever.

Let these guys lighten your load with their sweet pictures, videos and stories.

Here are 11 critters sending you light and love.

1. Max wants to give you his undivided attention.

Max my rescue dog trying to understand sounds!
byu/qt314Iam inaww

2. My, what big eyes you have.

This one makes my day
byu/sadevatandass inaww

3. She’ll bring you whatever you need to be successful.

My girl brought me a pencil while I was drawing. Looking super cute while doing it too
byu/xGoldenTigerLilyx inaww

4. Especially dabbed with barbecue sauce.

I love chickens
byu/farhan9835 inaww

5. Kitten for the win!

Kitten vs. fingers
byu/CounterYou inaww

6. Friends through the years.

A dog’s best friend
byu/commonvanilla inaww

7. He’s got those small branches under control.

My foster pupper is overjoyed to announce his promotion to small branch manager.
byu/NikKnack1313 inaww

8. No, dear, the bed part goes on the bottom.

I don’t think she understood the concept of bed
by inaww

9. The sun must be out for the first time in a long time.

When a Picture Says More Than Just a Thousand Words
byu/Andria48716 inaww

10. These dogs with toys that look like them are too cute!

byu/beyzaes inaww

11. Lily, your new sweater looks amazing and cozy.

I crochet sweaters for dogs and it makes me really happy. I hope seeing my friend’s dog Lily in her sweater makes you happy on this lonely Tuesday.
byu/MissesIncomplete inaww

So, if you need a day of light, love and postive thoughts, hopefully this post blessed you.

Remember, a circle of light and peace surround you and you can always send the same to others.

And on the days where you’re not feeling it, a cute kitty or puppy can remind you happiness isn’t far off because tomorrow is another day.