You might think that having kids would make a person a little more patient and maybe even a little bit nicer, but we all know that ain’t the truth…

Because there are a whole lot of parents out there who are the definition of ENTITLED.

And you’re about to meet some real gems today!

Yikes! I feel sorry for the folks out there who have to deal with these individuals on any level.

Take a look for yourself…

1. Not only do you have to watch FOUR kids, you also have to cook.

Who would turn down that deal?!?!

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2. I feel so bad for you.

No one will watch your kids for free? What a tragedy!

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3. I get that she’s a single mom, but come on…

No one is going to do this for five dollars an hour…

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4. I wonder if anyone actually applied for this.

This is more complicated than applying to the FBI.

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5. Our house. Our money. Our rules.

This is just one big NOPE.

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6. You have to be a churchgoer AND you have to be conservative.

Why does that matter? I’m confused.

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7. Blocked for speaking the truth.

Well, you had to put her on blast.

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8. Two infants should be pretty easy, right?

Of course, no big deal at all!

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9. Not putting in enough effort, huh?

“She’s terrible.” Or maybe you are?

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10. You have some time to spare, right?

I…don’t think so…

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11. Good luck with that!

I bet no one applied…

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Have you ever had to deal with any entitled parents?

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