If there’s one thing we love around these parts, it’s funny parenting tweets.

And they better be real, too!

And you’re in luck today because these tweets from moms and dads are real doozies!

Go ahead and check them out!

1. Think about that.

Sounds intense.

2. Shouldn’t have said that.

That’s not good.

3. Makes sense.

What else would she pick?

4. No one was home.

This is pretty cute, admit it.

5. Keep on chuggin’.

You know you have to now.

6. That’s harsh.

Kid isn’t messing around.

7. I don’t think you did…

It’s all a mystery.

8. Give it a shot!

You’ll probably love it!

9. I’m into this.

Pretty clever!

10. You really did it this time.

What were you thinking?

11. Probably right.

You got a smart one there!

Now we want to hear from you.

Have you seen any funny parenting tweets lately?

If so, share some good ones with us in the comments. Thanks!