Are you currently livin’ the married life?

Or maybe you lived the married life in the past?

If so, we firmly believe that these funny tweets about spending your life with that special someone are really gonna make you laugh…and maybe make you cry, as well.

Go ahead and take a look.

1. Not made up.

It’s all true.

2. Be careful with that.

This is dangerous stuff.

3. That’s what she said.

Weren’t you listening?

4. Not so delicate.

It is what it is…

5. He overdid it.

Yet again…

6. Did you learn your lesson?

I sure hope so…

7. Absolutely not.

Doesn’t sound too appetizing.

8. Is this you?

I bet it isn’t.

9. It’s like he’s here.

This is beautiful.

10. We hope he makes it back okay.

I can see you staring out the window…

11. I told you so!

Here we go again…

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Thanks a lot!