Parenting is tough: no doubt about that!

But at least moms and dads get to blow off some steam and post funny tweets from time to time, you know what I’m saying?

And here are 11 really good ones.


1. No coming back from that.

You’ve seen this before.

2. This is not good.

This is not good at all!

3. You made it!

This is what it’s all about.

4. Which one are you?

Be honest with us…

5. Isn’t that weird?

You know it’s true!

6. This is what adulting is all about.

At least, I think so…

7. Good kid!

Chip off the old block.

8. Is that what you expected?

Don’t answer that…

9. Sorry about that.

I had no idea.

10. That’s pretty specific.

What a tragedy…

11. Not an act.

No way, no how.

Do you have any kids at home?

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