Parents…I’m here to deliver a very important message to you.

You must chill!

Everything will be okay!

And your kids will mellow out at some point and everything will be all good.

But for now, just try to maintain your sanity and enjoy these funny tweets, okay?

1. Oh, now you tell me?!?!

That’s too bad.

2. Hello, Big Jim.

Doesn’t like that, apparently.

3. That’s creepy.

Call an exorcist.

4. Not so loud!

Thanks a lot…

5. Another Zoom victim.

It never ends…

6. Don’t do that!

Just being honest…

7. Everyone is tired.

But here we go again.

8. Hope you get through this.

We’re pulling for you.

9. You definitely have favorites.

It’s okay to admit it.

10. What’s the plan here?

Didn’t think it out.

11. Uh oh.

Red alert!

Are your kids behaving lately?

Be honest with us…

And tell us what’s up in the comments!