Is rock n’ roll dead?

Well, maybe…but that doesn’t mean that laughter has gone by the wayside yet!

And we think these tweets are just about as exciting as any rock n’ roll song!

Do you want to see what I’m talking about?

Take a look for yourself!

1. You can’t help yourself.

You have to do it!

2. I’m with you!

You are not alone…

3. Uh oh…

Didn’t see that coming.

4. Sure, here you go.

Cool off!

5. Don’t say that!

That’s not good.

6. Life hack.

Feel free to use it!

7. Can you pay my electric bill?

It would make my life a lot easier…

8. That’ll break the Internet.

And blow a lot of minds.

9. Me, too!

If time allows…

10. Ok, I got it.

Such a parent move.

11. Absolutely nothing.

The way I like it!

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We look forward to it!