Are you ready to be in a good mood?!?!

I know I sure am! What I’m trying to say is that I could a pick-me-up.

And if you’re in the same boat, I think these tweets are gonna do the trick!

1. That’s not good.

Thanks, Doc!

2. Totally worth it.

They’ll never know.

3. What a bummer…

Just don’t tell anyone…

4. Me, too!

Those were the days…

5. I feel this one.

Deep in my soul.

6. Clean AND green.

You too?

7. Sounds like a plan!

Has anyone invented this yet?

8. Need some help over here!

Let’s get it on!

9. One or the other.

You gotta pay attention.

10. I’m on the job.

Maybe next time…

11. I bet he does!

This is every party I’ve ever been to.

Have you seen any hilarious tweets lately?

Please share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!