I’m gonna level with you…

You need this!

Because these tweets are hilarious and you absolutely, positively need some laughs right about now.

So what are waiting for?!?!

Get happy with some funny tweets right this instant!

1. He might get slimed.

Look out!

2. I think you’re right.

He’s a wild man!

3. They know how to push your buttons.

That’s what siblings are for!

4. Wrap your head around that.

It’s mind blowing!

5. Whatever works.

I like it!

6. Oh, he said it…

You know he did.

7. Now what?

It might get ugly.

8. He was just hungry.

Poor guy…

9. This is good.

Feel free to use it!

10. I don’t know how they do it…

I also see “jangly” a lot.

11. The truth!

I love you…

Okay, you’re up!

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