Do you remember getting a Happy Meal and being excited to find out which Beanie Baby was inside? Did you collect those suckers?

More importantly, do you still have them?

If the answers to all of those questions (but particularly the last one) is yes, then you just might be sitting on a gold mine – especially if they’re in good condition.

And these 16 are the most sought after (and most lucrative) Beanie Babies of all.

16. Snort the Red Bull ($6500)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

Snort the Red Bull – formerly known as Tabasco – released in 1997.

Either version of this popular Beanie Baby is worth some serious cash!

15. Gobbles the Turkey ($6750)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

There are a few variations of this guy, also released in 1997 – he can have a double or single-layer felt waddle, and his tail feathers come in varying heights.

The price you might get for it depends on which one you have, but if yours has the placements people are after, it could be worth some serious cash.

14. Peanut the Elephant ($7000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

This 1995 release is considered one of the rarest beanie babies in the world – but don’t get too excited just yet. Peanut was produced in royal blue, powder blue, purple, and grey….

And it’s the royal blue one you want to get your hands on!

13. Halo the Bear ($7500)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

Halo is one of the first special edition bears created by Ty and is meant to symbolize a child’s guardian angel.

The ones you’re looking for are from 1998 and come with a white star printed on their fur.

And there’s an extra payday in it for you if you nabbed one with a Korean tush tag.

12. McDonald’s International Bears ($10,000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

Okay, okay, I lied up front – the “Teenie Babies” from your 90’s Happy Meal aren’t worth anything at all.

That said, the exclusive line of international bears they created are.

There’s Britannia from Britain, Maple from Canada, Erin from Ireland, and Glory from the U.S., and if you’ve got any or all in their original packaging, take extra good care of them!

11. Patti the Platypus ($10,000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

Patti is one of the original beanie babies, and if you’ve got the rarest color – magenta – there are surely some collectors who would love a chat!

10. Iggy the Iguana ($15,000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

This baby has gone through a lot of different designs over the years.

Some are rainbow while others are dark blue, some have a tongue sticking out, a few have tags in odd locations like a hand or a foot, and collectors are keen on having them all!

9. Brownie the Bear ($20,000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

Brown was one of the original beanie babies. He was replaced by “Cubbie” after a short while, but only the og is worth some serious cash.

Brownie has brown fur and a tan snout, and has no poem inside its tag.

8. Hippity, Hoppity and Floppity the Bunnies ($30,000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

These three are sold as a set, which makes them even harder to come by (and worth more money in the long run).

Even if you only have a single, you might want to put out some feelers.

7. Valentino the Bear ($42,300)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

This “Valentine’s” bear with his cute little heart embellishment is super hard to find and therefore in high demand.

There was a small batch with misspelt names, as well, which makes them even more valuable.

6. Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant ($50,000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

All of these Beanie Babies are worth quite a bit, but there is one particular pair that is more famous than the rest – because they’re signed by Hillary Clinton.

In 2006, one enterprising dad got them signed, so if you’ve got those, you can put at least one of your kids through college.

5. Piccadilly Attic ($125,000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

This one might be a little creepy (depending on how you feel about clowns) but that doesn’t stop collectors from really wanting one.

They’re pretty rare – probably because most kids were afraid of him –

4. Bubbles ($129,000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

Bubbles was super popular and therefore isn’t that rare.

Of course, there are some exceptions to that rule – like the third generation one that has the wrong color thread in its mouth, and the fourth generation iteration with incorrect tush tags.

The ones that are “errors” are the ones you’re looking for today!

3. 15-inch Peace bear and 9-inch Peace, Ringo and Bones ($159,000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

These larger-than-life babies are worth the most if they’re kept together, but they’re nothing to sneeze at as separates, either.

Whether its the unique psychedelic colorings or their matching peace symbols, collectors just go wild!

2. Princess the Bear ($500,000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

Princess was produced to commemorate the too-short life and tragic death of Princess Diana, and was meant as a way to encourage people to contribute to her memorial fund.

It remains extremely rare and tough to find!

1. Large Wallace and his Squad ($600,000)

Image Credit: Wealthy Gorilla

This duo, like the other larger set, is worth a whopping big amount of money. There’s nothing special about them, no “errors” to look for – there just aren’t hardly any of them out there, which makes them worth a mint.

Well, what’s the verdict? Are you about to be rich?

If you are, do you already have a best friend? Asking for me…