I’m think you’re about to fall in love…

With some hilarious tweets!

It’s going to be one of the most epic love stories of our time…

So let’s get started now, lovebirds!

1. You guys need to figure that out.

What have you been talking about?!?!

2. Hey o!

That’s a zinger.

3. I like that!

I’m gonna start using it.

4. Are they still around?

I had no idea!

5. A legend!

I’m into this.

6. How many more can we expect…?

Three? Four?

7. Not always a good idea.

But to each their own…

8. Is this really happening?

Sounds kind of weird…

9. You nailed it!

But please don’t attack anyone…

10. America! F**k yeah!


What’s the funniest tweet you’ve seen lately?

Whatever it is, share it with us in the comments.

Thanks a million!