Boy, do I love cats and dogs!

And I think it might be a toss-up between which species I like more!

But, if I’m being honest, I think dogs are the frontrunner…sorry if I offended anyone.

Anyway, here are some great tweets about cats and dogs for you to enjoy!

1. This is amazing.

Right on target!

2. Will you stop that!

It’s driving me crazy!

3. Total chaos.

What else do you expect from cats?

4. Oh, now you want to eat?

That figures…

5. They’d love it.

Maybe we’ll get there one day…

6. That’s a lot of snow!

Enjoying the view?

7. That is sad.

I’d be crying, too.

8. I get the cat, too?

This is great!

9. They don’t care.

We’ve all learned this lesson.

10. I’d pay top dollar for this.

No doubt about it!

11. I could get used to this.

Why not, right?

Now we want to meet your animals!

Share some pics with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!