11 Heartwarming Moments to Heat Up Your Icy Cold Soul

We’re all going through difficult times these days and reading about tense things can make it even harder.

I make a point to also look at warm, light content to bring me some comfort.

Here are 11 heartwarming experiences to look at and think about when you feel low.

1. Pure Joy!

Dog joy gives me life! Let’s take pleasure in the simple things like they do.

Image Credit: Someecards

2. Ah, memories

My grandma used to do this with money and candy. I loved that it was just between us!

Image Credit: Someecards

3. My heart

I really am sending warmth, love and compassion and I want you to feel that!

Image Credit: Someecards

4. Imagination

So sweet. Toy Story also made me wonder what my toys were up to when no humans were around!

Image Credit: Someecards

5. Rocking out

My grandpa and I bonded listening to music, too! It was lovely and he had great headphones.

Image Credit: Someecards

6. Thanks!

I cherish anyone rooting for me — even a vegetable. We all need positivity from unexpected places.

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7. Beautiful

Making a strong connection with a baby is so powerful and moving. I’ll never forget the first times my niece and nephew gripped my fingers for the first time.

Image Credit: Someecards

8. Furry friend

Dogs are the best greeters and they deserve to be paid well in treats and pats. I pat almost every one I see (with permission).

Image Credit: Someecards

9. Profound moment

I’m so sorry he lost his dad so young, but moved to see they’re bonding even after his dad died.

Image Credit: Someecards

10. In it together

As cliche as it is, life is a journey and it can help to be “stuck” with someone throughout it.

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11. Solidarity

I also feel compelled to rush over to connect over a shared passion I’ve just discovered. It feels so good!

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What heartwarming scenes do you play in your head to give yourself a boost? Let us know in the comments.