Who’s ready for a pick-me-up?!?!

Okay, let’s see a show of hands…

Good, now that you’ve all been counted, we can proceed!

Enjoy these heartwarming tweets that we think will make you happy.

1. Melts your heart.

How sweet!

2. This is good.

You gotta love it!

3. A good attitude.

This is a good life lesson.

4. I love it!

Now he’s a star.

5. You heard him.

Loud and clear.

6. The best gift he ever got.

It’s the little things.

7. Wholesome AF.

A great feeling.

8. Time to make up.

I bet it worked.

9. I still do this!

So much fun!

10. Let’s play a game.

Much better with a partner.

11. Keep going.

Tomorrow could be your best day.

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