Love your spouse? Loved spending 24/7 with them? Maybe not so much. But you’re about come out of your corner laughing.

You won’t even need to vow to love these 12 funny memes about the ups and downs of marriage.

1. It’s always when you’re least expecting it.

But they can’t resist.

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2. “But I did the dishes.”

There is a certain sexiness to dishwashing.

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3. There is such thing as a stupid question.

Are you really going to eat that whole bag of potato chips?

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4. A freshly cleaned sink is no-man’s land.

Under penalty of death.


5. Psycho.

Clearly a cry for help.

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6. Hair washing is an emotional commitment.

Husbands don’t understand.

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7. Candles and throws on clearance?

It’s like they’re giving this stuff away.

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8. Bad husband. Bad!

If I were him, I’d keep swimming.

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9. Not sexy.

Is animal.

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10. Sexy times.

You have 10 minutes.


11. It can seem like a thankless job.

You’re doing a great job.

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Pretty relatable, right? But for better or worse, richer or poorer, you’re stuck together like bread and butter.

And us married people wouldn’t have it any other way.