Ready for a laugh? This last month may have been the toughest yet. So as we move into a new season, let’s get some sillies out that will make us smile.

Here are 14 funny tweets to help us leave the past behind.

1. Wait, where’d he go?

She must have been hungry.


2. The worst feeling.

Should’ve gotten the burrito.


3. There are two kinds of people in the world.

Rick and Morty Fans and Not Rick and Morty Fans.

4. Save the trash talk for the field.

We’ll save our disappointment for our friends.

5. Dream a little dream.

I hope I get chocolate.


6. Boozy any ideas.

All are welcome.

7. Thinking Starbucks, Inc. can absorb the damage.

Be nice to your baristas though.

8. Everything’s happening all at once.

Pandemic, murder hornets, forced to face our racism.

9. So glad we practiced.

Zoom kissing is a little creepy.

10. It feels a little disingenuous.

Maybe just shut up and listen?

11. Even Ken and Barbie?

Too much togetherness.


12. Starting with good intentions.

Then losing steam by the time you hit send.

13. Why hate on penguins?

I prefer mischievous.

14. It’s safely boy-ish.

And lasts for decades.

If your city is open, get outside and enjoy the sunshine. There’s no guarantee you won’t get sneezed on or chased by a murder hornet, but you can always hope for the best. Next year will be our year.

I can feel it.