Right off the bat, let’s give a major round of applause to all the moms and dads out there busting their humps every day to raise their kids the right way.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at the funny, the wild, and the absurd things that parents out there are dealing with these days.


1. You must be new.

Rookie move!

2. This is true.

You’ll figure it out.

3. Drama queen.

Keep an eye on that one.

4. Let’s see who the best dad is.

The lawn wars…

5. That’s creepy.

Be very careful…

6. Isn’t that cute?

Not really…

7. Panic time!

Isn’t this great…?

8. Definitely your kid.

Can’t get anything past them.

9. You have the wrong kid.

Just saying…

10. Total bada**es!

Y’all are wild!

11. Power move.

Just let it go…

Ok moms and dads, it’s your time to shine.

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