A popular question with which society has grappled recently is “what did we do to deserve dogs?”

Dogs are so seemingly pure and perfect that we must have put some karmic action into the universe that allowed us to enjoy their existence, right?

Perhaps in a past life? Perhaps in an alternate dimension?

Whatever we did, I don’t want to jinx it, because dogs are the best, as these memes will attest.

11. Big boys

The good comes at a price. An absolutely delicious price.

10. Toss it out

Dog math is very confusing because of the human to doggo year conversions.

9. Paws for reflection

I believe it’s spelled “feets,” thank you very much.

8. Aquatic pupper

I would lay down my life for every single one of them.

7. The bark side

Hey man, better safe than sorry.

6. Dream job

“I don’t understand a word of this but I am here for it nonetheless.”

5. Hot pics

It doesn’t look like this is an experience he’s going to relish.

4. Hair today

Shed the pounds (of fur) in minutes!

3. Puppy love

Oh come on now, you’re going to make me blush. And I don’t even think that’s physically possible!

2. Bad chemistry

I would ask you to take your wiles elsewhere, madam. Good day.

1. Lift off

If they could literally turn into wings for you to soar, they’d do it.

Honestly, we DON’T deserve dogs. But don’t tell them that. I wanna keep ’em around.

What’s your dog like?

Tell us about them in the comments.