They say that a dog is human’s best friend. It’s been that way ever since a few wolves got curious and wandered over to our camps in the firelight many, many years ago.

Now we’re inseparable. And as these memes will attest, there’s no better source of support you’ll ever find.

12. A balanced diet

Come and get your love.

11. I’ll always be a round

Count ’em, but try not to snooze!

10. Fun in the sun

Is there a more lovely sight on this planet?

9. Attack dog

What I do have are a very particular set of skills.

8. Family ties

You’re gonna be best friends for always whether you like it or not.

7. Barking up the wrong tree

Sorry dude, your accent is just atrocious.

6. Flush with pride

I just wanted to make sure.

5. The schemer

Now you don’t have to work and you can play!

4. The eternal companion

Wherever it is, I’m in, don’t even worry about it.

3. Stop it

There are those in this world who truly need you.

2. He protecc

Ok, but don’t come crying to me when he starts pelting our house with nuts.

1. Priorities

You gotta know what’s important in life.

I know it’s been said to the point of cliche, but it bears repeating because it’s very true: we don’t deserve dogs.

What’s the best thing about dogs in your opinion?

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