Hi there…it’s been a while, old friend?

What have you been up to? How are the kids and your family?

That’s great! Now, enough about you and back to me, okay?

I called you here today so you can enjoy these hilarious tweets that will bring some much-needed laughter into your life.

Are you on board with that? Was I correct to assume that you needed some major smiles right about now?

Well, let’s quit the small talk, then! Enjoy!

1. People, take note of this.

This is how you get ahead in the workplace.

2. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Just once in a while?

3. Oh…sorry about that.

Welp, I guess that one is my fault. Now, let’s move on.

4. Hahahaha. This is good.

And yes, eavesdropping is a great skill to have.

5. There’s such thing as a dream job?

I’m not sure I understand…

6. This is a total Dad move.

You know they’re gonna go above and beyond.

7. That’s pretty intense.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

8. This dog is on top of it.

Also, I want to own this dog.


9. Yeah, it never quite works out that way, does it?

Darnit, not again!

10. Don’t blame that on me!

Don’t you remember what I said…?


11. This was always a great feeling.

You were THE BOSS for a minute there.


Those are hilarious! Oh, yeah!

And now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, share some stuff you’ve seen on social media that made you laugh lately. Thanks a lot!