I don’t have a pet right now, but I’ve had multiple dogs and cats in my life and each one of them holds a very special place in my heart.

Let’s do the dogs first: Quincy with a chubby Cocker Spaniel with a mean streak. Bailey was a delightful Golden Retriever with a great personality, and Bianca was another Cocker Spaniel we had but she was very timid and nervous all the time.

And then, on the feline side, we had a cat named Mr. Whiskers. He was a stray who started showing up on our porch and never left, and then we had Esmeralda, a beautiful Lynx Point who used to like to torment the dogs in the house.

I miss all of them so much!

In the spirit of all our pets past and present, let’s enjoy some great memes about our best friends. Take a look!

1. It’s time for another nap.

Oh, to have a dog’s life…

2. I’m 100% on board with this.

Yes, it’s all that really matters.

3. That seems about right

Well, just look at that larynx. Time to stand on it!

4. It’s all worth it.

You go ahead and sleep anywhere you want.

5. This dog is playing some mind games.

And I think he might be a secret agent.


6. We’ll get you some more treats very soon.

Don’t look at me that way!

7. You’re back again?

To be honest with you, I could’ve used some more alone time.


8. Gotta keep that thing held up!

Keep it up, Julie! You’re doing it right!

9. Hopefully, your cat will cheer you up.

Or she’ll turn against you because you messed with her breakfast.

10. The look of love.

No doubt about it, you have a new best friend for life.

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, share some photos of your dogs and cats and introduce us to them.

We’d love to meet all of them!