We’ve all been embarrassed at some point in our lives, and these 10 folks can’t help but share the times that they got red in the face.

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. We’ve ALL been there.

Here are 10 people’s stories that we can all relate to in some way, shape or form.

Let’s take a look!

1. Happens to the best of us.

I was about 3, in a Bloomingdales with my mom, who was looking at purses. I had to go pee. She couldn’t hear me. So I just pulled down my pants and went.

Another time, I was in Mexico City with my family and my sister was running towards the glass sliding doors but missed, instead hitting a window. Her nose mark was there the whole day.

And finally, I peed my pants in the middle of science during 4th grade.

2. This is like, a rite of passage.

When I was about 6, my mom and I were putting ornaments on our Christmas tree. She showed me an ornament, and told me that she’s had it since she was my age.

I said “Wow, it must be really old!” without malicious intent, but oops.

3. Won’t be the last time.

So this happened when I was in kindergarten.

I had just walked into the bathroom, and I went to look for a stall that wasn’t being used. I started checking for ones that had unlocked doors, and I found one.

I pushed it open, and there was another little girl sitting on the toilet.

I was flustered, and apologized quickly.

4. Why are boys?!

So when I was around 12 or 13 it was that time of that month. And I didn’t know that cuz it started and i didn’t know. So me and my crush were partners on a school project. (And just to mention i was wearing white jeans) So he dropped his pencil and he looked up and said trinity you have a red stain on your hoo haw.

And i turned so red in my face. But the loud mouth kid heard and screamed ” TRINITY’S ON HER PERIOD!”

We did just learn about periods and puberty in health the day before and i didn’t want to return and now my crush at that time is now my bf of 5 years and reminds me of that day every couple months.

5. The poo-fect experiment!

My parents are both scientists, so naturally I was and am a very nerdy person. One time, when it was lightly snowing during recess, I saw that a dog had pooped near the playground.

I grabbed a bundle of twigs and leaves, knelt down next to the poop, and began to ‘dissect’ it. The teachers were very made when they saw me with my very clean hands and snowsuit, with a group of children huddled around watching me, and they nearly dragged me inside.

Somewhat embarrassing, but my parents told me that it was good that I was interested in the world around me when I got home.

6. Ah, young love.

I was in 5th grade and we were coding. Everyone has a little childhood crush, and so the “genius” that I was, I sat down next to him in my computer science class. That day we were coding, and there was a really cute code thingy that you could make your choose an animal and you make it dance with music that you pick.

At the time, I loved loved LOVED 80s music, and some 90s and when I saw the song that I was currently obsessed with, “Take on Me” I choose it. Once I finished the code, I got some headphones and turned up the music super high. A bit into the music I started to hum the song and watch the little animal dance his butt off.

When it finished, I looked up and saw everyone staring at me. I said “Uhh? Is there something on my head?” and a girl replied back to me by saying: “Well, you were singing a song, I thought you were talking to me, so I responded and you never said anything back besides the lyrics of the song…” I could literally feel my checks burning up.

To make matters worse, everyone started to laugh at me; including my crush. Even the teacher was laughing at me. I still get a little flustered reciting it smh.

7. I love that dad took a picture.

One time, a few months ago, my cousin and I were playing hide and seek at my house, and I found the PERFECT spot. So my little brother has a bunk bed and a trundle bed and the trundle bed doesn’t have a mattress in it yet. So of course I crawled in there because if I could get in, I could get out right? Wrong. So I called for my cousin and we spent like, 20 minutes just trying to get me out and then he left and got my dad (the whole time I thought he abandoned me) and my dad took a picture of me and took his sweet time getting me out. I obviously eventually got out, but yeah.

Okay so the other one was in second grade, there was a boy that I liked and I used to chase him around the playground during recess. So one day I got super close to catching him and he tripped and fell down like a tree. So naturally I tripped as well, resulting in chipping my tooth on his butt. (It wasn’t a bad chip)

8. Way to go, dad.

I was about 6 and we (my close family) were going to have a dinner party that night so my dad was taking me on errands. we were in this small, local market, and right next to the cashier where my dad was, there was a giant jar of taffy. i was really craving candy, so i took one out and asked my dad if i could have one.

he was talking to the cashier and just told me to wait a second. I put the candy in my pocket and just looked around some more. then he got me and we rushed out. we had to go in a hurry, so we were going pretty fast. we were about half way down the street when i reached into my pocket and felt the candy. i had totally forgotten about it, but was terrified because i thought i would go to jail, so i told my dad.

he flipped out because he thought i meant to steal it. that wasn’t even the worst part. as we were walking back to the shop, my best friends mom came around the corner and asked what we were doing. my dad told her that i stole something. i was mortified

9. Puberty is the worst.

OK so when i was around 11.

I was on my period and i didn’t realize it and my crush and i were partners on a school project and he dropped his pencil and was like “hey, you have a red stain on pants near you hoo haw” and the kid who cant keep their mouth shut seriously yelled “She’s got blood on her pants!”

It was right after health class and we just learned about periods and puberty.

So yeah that was embarrassing.

10. That’s just funny.

So, I was in Sweden at an amusement park, and it had a big wooden hamster wheel, and I was walking on it, and my pants, because they were big, got caught between two boards.

I fell down and went all the way up, then dropped down. worst part is, my pants fell down when it happened because…

It was still stuck.

Of all the things that happened to me as a kid, being embarrassed is among the things I miss the absolute least. Ugh!

Did you find any of these situations relatable? Have a story of your own you’d like to share?

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