How did you come up with the name of your pet? This is a question we don’t usually get an answer to, mostly because no one thinks to ask it.

One Twitterer, @BiggenSnow, did just that by asking followers to post pics of their pets and what they’re named after. Of course, he got many responses, and cute photos to boot!

Check out a few adorable fur friends and their name origins below.

1. Meet Oliver, from Disney’s Oliver and Company.

An adorable native New Yorker come to life.

2. This sweet pup is a delicious Biscuit.

And we’d love to gobble him up!

3. Smelly cat, remember—it’s not your fault.

Special thanks to Phoebe for that earworm!

4. Making plans for Nigel Thornberry.


5. Does she bite?

We’re going to need a bigger cat box.

6. This dog’s hips don’t lie.

All four of them.

7. As sweet as…

… Ice cream? Strawberry? No—her name is Gelato.

8. A horror writing guinea pig?

Sign us up!

9. This is one cool cat.

He lets love rule.

10. This one actually looks like his namesake!

Sweet, sweet Dobby.

11. That is one artistic pug.

Meet Frida!

All of these animals are too cute for words and we think they fit their names very nicely.

Tell us your favorites and let us know how you came to name your pet below.