It’s always cool to stumble upon things we weren’t expecting to see on a certain day – or ever – but depending on what the thing is, the whole experience can also be a tad disconcerting.

These people unearthed things that can only be categorized as strange, if you ask me, and it seems pretty normal that they just weren’t quite sure what to do with them.

Take a scroll and put yourself in their shoes for a bit!

1. I think, therefore I am.

I don’t want to think a fish is sentient, though.

This Leopard Shark at the Aquarium says "I AM" from mildlyinteresting

2. I’d say that it’s definitely fairies.

What other explanation would you suggest?

These mushrooms that grew in a circle that I came upon today from mildlyinteresting

3. They just want to make sure you’re reading the instructions.

Seems like a waste of money, though.

My IKEA manual instructs me to throw away a piece included in the box from mildlyinteresting

4. I would want to know the entire story behind this.

I suppose I could just make one up.

Random old chimney and fireplace in the middle of the woods. Found off trail while fishing in North West Pennsylvania. from mildlyinteresting

5. I still can’t see it, to be honest.

Let me know in the comments if you can.

This fox lying on leaves from mildlyinteresting

6. It looks like broccoli.

I bet it’s pretty darn delicious, too.

This mutated saguaro cactus from mildlyinteresting

7. That’s a cool find, for sure.

But I can see how it would stop you in your tracks.

11 DeLoreans in a parking lot from mildlyinteresting

8. We all just need a little love and light.

This makes me want to give that tree a hug.

Street lamp prevents some of this tree‘s leaves from turning yellow from mildlyinteresting

9. They just popped their head in their coworker’s office.

Now they’re dealing with how to process this information.

Did This Coworker Go Too Far In Diminishing Her Friend’s Birth Experience?

10. It’s own little world.

I wonder what little souls live in there.

Found a tiny greenhouse in the woods. from mildlyinteresting

11. I would be totally freaked out that there was a dead body inside.

But that’s the crime junkie in me talking.

Found what’s left of a car in the woods from mildlyinteresting

Yeah, definitely would have no advice to give if a friend had messaged me and asked for advice on what do in these situations.

Have you ever found anything strange? Tell us how you handled it in the comments!