In need of a quick little break from the daily grind? Hoping that it might be sort of educational?

Never fear, we’ve got some geeky charts full of nerdy-yet-fun information to help stimulate those alpha brainwaves.

Here are 11 charts with random information that’s mildly interesting to look at.

11. Light pollution

I need to get to a (1) or die trying.

10. Lightsaber combat

If aliens found the depths of lore around this franchise they’d probably be super confused.

9. The Star Wars timeline

Yes, there’s a lot of Star Wars ones, it’s the internet, what did you expect.

8. Intelligence types

Which ones do you have? Mine is none.

7. Proper packing

This sure beats my “throw in five shirts, two pants, and for some reason every pair of underwear I own” method.

6. Levels of hot

No thank you please.

5. The pain scale

If ya don’t know, now ya know.

4. Emotional chemistry

How can I get me some of them happy colors?

3. Dental damage

Man, I need to go to the dentist…

2. Cat breeds

They’re all adorable and they all hate you.

1. Harry Potter by screen time

Number one will not shock you.

Pretty interesting stuff! Not sure what I’m supposed to do with most of that information, but I’ll bet you’ve got some ideas!

What’s your favorite fun factoid you’d like to share with the class?

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