The bigger the company, the harder the fall.

When it comes to Wall Street, losses run pretty big these days. The whole meme stock controversy has everyone (even politicians!) talking about the ethics of trading… which can get pretty confusing.

Luckily for us denizens of the net, we have extremely dank memes to explain even the most complicated concepts.

Here are 12 hot and spicy memes all about the Wall Street takedown.

12. That’s economics

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. That’s exactly how it works. Who would’ve thought!

11. RIP the 1%

Whatever shall these folks do without the proper funding for their next yacht?

10. Whoopsie

Ah, the fresh smell of reigning double standards in the morning!

9. Excellent

Just roll with it, boys…just roll with it.

8. That’s life

Wonder how Joaquin feels about all of this.

7. LOL

Whoever bought this is an absolute champion.

6. It just keeps getting crazier

Yeah, if you told me in March 2020 that this is where we’d be almost a year later, I’d literally laugh in your face.

5. Time to face the music

4. Wow

Which witch is which?

3. Accurate

Here’s the latest political alignment chart for all your compartmentalization needs.

2. That’s real

Everything is on fire, and it’s totally fine.

1. There he goes

It’s about time the little man stood up to the big guy.

If you’ve been following the insanity that is the whole GameStop fiasco, then these memes were sure to tickle your funny bones just right.

Anyone feel like going in on Blackberry next week? (Don’t listen to me, I have no idea what I’m talking about.)

What’s your take on all the Wall Street drama? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!