Listen, having kids is such a gift… but it’s also a TON of work. And because of that… it isn’t for everybody.

Can we all just admit that right here and now?

We all good with that?



These 11 people without kids don’t mean to brag about their kid free life… but they’re going to. Publicly and hilariously.

Let’s take a look!

1. I mean they’re not exactly alike.

But they do have some things in common.

2. I mean, there are plenty of times in our lives when a negative test is a relief.

Like, most of our lives except a very brief window.

3. There are so many choices.

This is a good one, though.

4. You can make a family out of anything.

And as long as there is love, it’s a good one.


5. If only we could have seen the future.

It probably wouldn’t have changed anything. But.


6. We’re all better for her efforts, honestly.

No way my kid would have worn that for more than 5 minutes.

7. Dogs are more sympathetic than kids.

They’re not human.

8. I’m just going to set this down right here.

I mean…it’s not a bad idea.

9. Good luck with that.

That would be some kind of magic!

10. This is an extremely fair point.

It’s always a toss-up whether my child or my puppy will be more destructive on any given day.

11. This isn’t the way we wanted everyone to find out, but…

We’re so proud.

You don’t need kids to be happy… but it might be a bit easier to maintain your sanity without them.

Which of these tweets did you think summed up the kid-free life the best?

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