More and more, the world is becoming accepting of all choices when it comes to having and raising children. Some people want to have a dozen kids, others prefer to stick to the more standard two, while others want to adopt or foster or – gasp! – choose not to have any children at all.

While the latter is a very valid choice that people are making in increasing numbers – for super valid reasons, by the way – they don’t have to be so smug about how great and happy and rested their lives are right out there for the rest of us to see.

These 12 childfree people didn’t get the memo, and so I pass along their bragging tweets to you.

12. That’s a good way to save for vacation.

Which you can afford, because there are only two of you.

11. It’s the circle of life.

They just wanted everyone else to understand their misery.

10. A very important distinction.

Because of course, words matter.

9. Asking the hard questions.

There aren’t any really good answers, either.

8. Too many people don’t think about why they ARE doing it at all.

Which is kind of not fair to the kiddo.

7. Or you know, relaxed and free.

Also, they have money!

6. It’s funny because it’s true.

So much money. *weeps*

5. This is just hilarious.

Not everyone loves babies!

4. Well obviously this should be a thing.

I cannot stop laughing.

3. Also sometimes they do cry all of the time.

Just keeping it real.

2. That’s quite a gamble.

And your odds aren’t great.

1. I actually love this.

A family is what you make it.

I love my kids and they make me happy – but as someone who waited until her late 30s to make that call, I can certainly see how woman (and men) can also find ways to be happy without babies in their lives.

What’s your take on people deciding to be childfree? Whatever it is, let’s not talk about it in the comments, because their choices have nothing to do with us!