Pets are the embodiment of unconditional love, but they can sure get up to some shenanigans!

While there’s no one more excited to see us when we get home than our fur friends, they can find themselves in some of the craziest situations. But no matter what they do, they’re so adorable it’s hard to stay mad. All we can do is share the results on social media and laugh (and maybe buy new shoes, stored way up high.)

Check out the hilarious dogs and cats below whose owners got them back with a good pet shaming!

1. Don’t give me those floppy ears!

You’re too damn cute to be doing things like that to make me feel sorry for you!


2. If a toucan can, a toucan will.

You’re lucky Alex wasn’t angrier…


3. Well, how was the movie?

I don’t think he liked it that much.


4. More like “Hot Mess Cafe” now…. amirite?

Doesn’t seem like she minds much, though!


5. Todd, I actually think it was you.

The evidence is pawsatively staring us in the face!


6. Well, that didn’t go according to plan!

Scroll over to the second pic. The incriminating evidence!


7. Team work makes the dream work.

Even if it’s gross AF.


8. Those eyes will haunt my f’ing dreams!

Is helpless THAT cute?


9. Broken love.

You know he didn’t mean to do it! Just look at that face!


10. Can you really blame it all on the cat?

Seems a bit of a lazy explanation to me!


11. Slippery when wet.

And icky, too.


12. But she’s special like that!

She’s giving birth, after all!


Which of these adorable pet troublemakers were your absolute favorites?

Let us know in the comments below!