13 Adorable Animals Who Don’t Care What You Think

Whether you’re the proud pet parent of a cat, dog, bird, or something in between, you know your furry progeny can get up to no good sometimes.

Having a pet involves taking the bad with the good, and there’s always a surprise around every corner.

But, no matter what happens, your best friend will always love you unconditionally and whatever he or she does is the most adorable thing ever. Check out these 13 sweet animals whose naughtiness makes them even more sweet!

1. A little downtime for a chill Husky.

That’s what he calls a “spa day.”

Left my baby husky alone for a minute, and I come back to this .
byu/Kona_Dlite inaww

2. Making up a wish list.

Filled with cat treats, cat nip and plenty of toys.

This is our cat Rayla’s reaction to chewing on my daughters pencils crayons when we were doing school work. I was encouraged to post here rather then another cat group.
by inCatsBitingThings

3. Everybody’s got their something.

And, hey, they taste as good as they look!

Monty has a secret
byu/hotbananabreadyumyum indogshaming

4. Caught red-handed.

But it was so worth it!

No word of a lie, this is what I just came home to.
byu/TheNinjaJedi infunny

5. Look at this way—she’ll have the freshest breath around!

That’s something, right?

This little menace just loooves to bite my toothpaste tube. She doesn’t eat it, but the cinnamon scent excites her.
byu/-twistedflatcat- inCatsBitingThings

6. He thinks you watch too much T.V.

He’s right, you know.

Forbive me hooman
byu/daammnbooiiii inAnimalsBeingJerks

7. You’ll look amazing on the catwalk.

This feline head wrap is all the rage.

Finn insists on laying on my head.
byu/Pretending2beme inCatsAreAssholes

8. You’re supposed to be barefoot at the beach.

A parakeet eats a pair of feet.

byu/saquemontit inhmmm

9. Everyone’s an art critic.

And these are a cat-astrophe.

Every time I straighten them, Stevie jumps up and “fixes” them
byu/mikenmar inCatsAreAssholes

10. Keeping him warm all year long.

And well-protected too.

Kinda like my new scarf
byu/Skunkpuffer inaww

11. No puzzles before pets.

You know which is more fun anyway.

Destroying puzzle pieces and rolling around, spreading bastardness
byu/potatoes_cheese inAnimalsBeingJerks

12. Feline friendships hinge on sharing.

Whatever you get, he gets too.

My father attempting to eat dinner in peace
byu/yerbabuddy inCatsAreAssholes

13. The cat won this round.

And got an overnight stay in these plush accomodations.

Bought my dog a new dog bed today. Already been kicked off by the cat within 20 minutes.
byu/lauracard12 inCatsAreAssholes

So how did you like all of those? Does your pet get into all sorts of mischief?

Tell us all about your fur baby and the good times you share together in the comments below!