As a kid I used to watch the original Doctor Doolittle over and over and over again. In retrospect I’m not sure it was actually a very good movie, but I was so completely enthralled with the idea of being able to talk to animals that I was sold on the premise alone. I still wish I knew how to communicate with these guys, or to hear what they were thinking.

Alas, for now I’ll have to settle for memes that take guesses, like these.

12. Silly goose

This is discrimination most fowl.

11. Owl be a minute

Birds are clearly not real. Owls even less so.

10. All wrapped up

It’s too late. I live here now. I am purrito.

9. Social distance

I’m usually very excited to see you but I think I need some space.

8. Enlightening conversations

This is an omen for sure and you should watch your back.

7. PJ party

You just know this hoarse is getting the worst N64 controller at the sleepover.

6. Watch yourself

I hope you can see ok, because I can’t breathe.

5. Order another round

What are ya starin’ at my gut fur?

4. Hindsight is…

Then again, maybe I never stood a chance.

3. I’m starting with the man in the mirror

This is an adorable cat who’s about to have a very disappointing junior prom.

2. Stand clear

This bus is making local, random stops between the hours of two and four A.M.

1. Fitting in

“Am I some kind of joke to you, Susan?”

One day, perhaps technology will truly allow us to know what our animal friends are thinking. Until then, at least we’ve got the memes.

What are your pets trying to tell you all the time?

Take your best guess in the comments.