Who wants to see some “Cursed Comments”?!?!

Whether your answer is YES or NO, you’re already here and we’re about to get it on!

The funny Reddit page features all kinds of random people making funny, weird, and yes, even “cursed”, comments on social media.

Take a look for yourself! We think you’re gonna be a fan!

1. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Do you care to reveal your identity?

by incursedcomments

2. You shouldn’t have said that out loud!

This is not good…not good at all…

byu/ventmaster69 incursedcomments

3. Like I said, people are weirdos.

Let’s end with this one.

byu/Garrett-The-Ferret incursedcomments

4. You might want to give this some more thought…

Avoid the woods at all costs!

[deleted by user]
by incursedcomments

5. You have now been blocked forever and ever.

Are you satisfied now?

by incursedcomments

6. I don’t know which one of these is more depressing…

I think I’m gonna go with the first option…

byu/HeisterWolf incursedcomments

7. You can be whatever you want to be!

Okay, now I’m kind of sad.

byu/discovid19 incursedcomments

8. This is why you don’t text random numbers.

You’ll get pulled into some creepy vortex.

byu/DoINeedToUseIt incursedcomments

9. Big Bird really dropped the ball on this one.

This is nightmare fuel if I’ve ever seen it…

Cursed orphans
byu/ma_ma66 incursedcomments

10. What do you see when you look at this image?

This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Or anything, really…

Cursed emoji
by incursedcomments

11. People are total weirdos.

And here’s even more proof of that!

byu/MushuTheGreat17 incursedcomments

12. I believe this person is referring to Godzilla.

Unless something happened that I never heard about…

by incursedcomments

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