You don’t really hear the words “cool” or “fun” and “dentist office” in the same sentence very often, do you?

Heck, no, you don’t!

Because most of us (myself included) DREAD going to see the dentist. I’ve gotten more relaxed about it as I’ve gotten older, but I sure as hell don’t enjoy it.

I think most dentists are aware of the fear that people have of them, so some of them try to lighten things up and make the atmosphere a little less intimidating by making their offices fun!

I can see how this would especially come in handy with young kids…

Take a look at these dentist offices that are trying to relieve the stress of their patients a little bit.

1. Take a look at the mouse door.

What a good idea!

In Spanish-speaking countries, the tooth fairy is a mouse (Ratoncito Pérez). This is my dentist office.
byu/ZurgTS infunny

2. Come on in, kids!

Make them feel a little more comfortable.

This Kids Door at my Dentist Office
byu/Fadeawayjae inmildlyinteresting

3. Have a seat in this fun chair.

Looks pretty comfortable to me.

My orthodontist’s office has the Blue’s Clues chair.
byu/An0ddEgg inmildlyinteresting

4. This oughta keep you busy when you’re laying on your back.

Did you find Wally yet?

My local dentist has a ceiling “Where’s Wally?” for patients during appointments
byu/mtmannion inmildlyinteresting

5. That’ll make you think twice.

Lay off the soft drinks!

Dentist Office showing how much sugar is in regular items.
byu/mmaathiaas inmildlyinteresting

6. Keep the kids busy…

So they don’t think about the drill…

This dentist’s office has an N64 set up for kids to play
byu/Mijumaru1 inmildlyinteresting

7. Looking for a new smile?

I think this ad is gonna work.

Blursed_dentist office
byu/matweeeets inblursedimages

8. How cool is this?!?!

I love it!

The bike rack at this dentist office looks like it’s being squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste.
byu/madentr12 inmildlyinteresting

9. All dentist offices need a dog to help people relax.

This would make me go all the time! Well, maybe…

Meet Enzo, the office pup at my dentist. 10/10, would go to dentist again to pet this good boy.
byu/astralbuzz indogswithjobs

10. Some clever interior design.

I’m feeling this!

The knobs in my dentist’s office are toothbrushes and toothpaste
byu/Uncomfortable-Uncle inmildlyinteresting

11. Definitely does not look like a dentist office.

It’s a tropical wonderland.

How gorgeous is my dentist’s office, sky lit corridor full of tropical beauties.
byu/MJlovesplants inIndoorGarden

12. Here’s to a job well done.

Take your pick!

Treasure chest of goodies after doing a good job at the dentist or doctor’s office.
byu/ST3PH3NL33TT innostalgia

Have you ever visited a cool doctor’s office or dentist’s office?

If the answer is YES, tell us all about it in the comments.

And share some photos, too, if you have them. Thanks a lot!