Hey, there! Yeah, you!

What do you say you push aside your work, ignore your kids, and take a little time for yourself to enjoy some hilarious AND totally accurate tweets about being hitched?

You know you want it, you know you need it, and we’re here to help you blow off a little bit of steam…because you look like you’re about to explode! And nobody wants that…

So take our advice on this one and let yourself laugh a little bit.

Start now!

1. Here we go again…

Just agree with her…

2. Not so funny anymore…

Why the change of heart?

3. Yeah, I wonder what it could be…

It adds up!

4. That’s why you MUST get married.

This is a very good point.


5. Way to encourage him.

He’ll do better next time.

6. Well, isn’t that nice?!?!

After all these years…

7. You blew it. Big time.

She won’t let you forget this.

8. That makes perfect sense.

Go on wit yo bad self!

9. A good way to pass the time.

There’s not much else to do right now…

10. I enjoy annoying my wife!

How about you?

11. A fight to the death.

It’s like a grudge match…

12. I mean, who doesn’t do this?

If anyone says they don’t do this, they’re lying!

How about you?

How are things in your household right now?

Is your spouse driving you up the wall or is everything A-OK? Are you about to blow up, or are you just taking things calmly as they come?

Spill your guts to us in the comments, friends!