If you’re a history buff, then I don’t need to tell you how fascinating it is to think closely about not only time gone by, but the existential reality that, eventually, no one will exist who remembers us at all.

These things are physical examples of how time wears everything down to nothing eventually, and I don’t know.

I kind of love it.

1. It’s still getting a bit moldy.

Also…why would someone do this?

30 years ago, my grandfather encased this meatball in epoxy.
byu/throbbing_banjo inmildlyinteresting

2. Why would they cover that up with linoleum?

That breaks my brain.

You can tell where people tend to line up at this Brooklyn hardware store by where the linoleum tile has been worn away to reveal the original ceramic.
by inWellworn

3. This is beautiful.

It’s also dead. Chew on that for a minute.

I found this leaf with only it’s ‘veins’ remaining.
byu/spechlfriedrice inmildlyinteresting

4. That doesn’t seem safe.

There is something sweet about it, though.

A seesaw (teeter-totter) in my local playground where thousands of little feet have worn through the asphalt.
byu/swannykk inmildlyinteresting

5. My parents did the same thing.

Those labels are built to last, my friends.

My parents got this spray bottle of Windex in 1979 and have been reusing it ever since.
byu/pandasweatshirt inmildlyinteresting

6. This is the coolest.

Nature will take everything back if we let it.

This tree eating a postbox
byu/nirkbirk inmildlyinteresting

7. Well, this is good to know.

At least I’m investing in a quality product.

Just found an old roll of biodegradable poop bags, they really do disintegrate like advertised.
byu/terencebogards inmildlyinteresting

8. Are we sure that’s the kiwi?

How on earth could you tell?

I went into the office for the first time since March 2020 and found the kiwi I left in my desk.
byu/theskinwearein inmildlyinteresting

9. I really love how creepy this looks.

Like it has stories to tell.

My neighbors have an old chair with plants growing over it
byu/JoeDragotta inmildlyinteresting

10. I have questions.

Like…where is the rest of it?

This brick wall got smoothed into a rock
byu/schmart inmildlyinteresting

11. Does this mean there is actual copper and gold in them?

Or would all crayons turn green after awhile?

Old gold/copper Crayola crayons that turned green from oxidation
byu/HapEGoLucky ininterestingasfuck

12. He couldn’t have done that himself if he’d tried.

And the world would be a bit less bright, honestly.

I accidentally left my Iron Man canvas out in the rain and inadvertently improved the original design
by inmildlyinteresting

There’s something so melancholy but also inevitable about the passage of time. It’s sort of romantic.

What’s your favorite of these images and why? Let’s talk about it in the comments!