I think people have stopped asking me when I’m gonna have kids because they know it’s a lost cause…

I like kids, but I’ve realized that they are not for me…

Unless I fall madly in love with someone who is 100% on board with that and it’s a dealbreaker…but I’m not gonna hold my breath…

If you are living a childfree life, we think you’ll be able to relate to these tweets.

Have a look for yourself!

1. Yeah, why haven’t we seen one of these?

Seems like it’s about time, right?

2. This is a good point.

Can everyone agree on this?

3. Hahaha. I love this review.

It’s honest and to the point. What else can you ask for?

4. Someone just got put in their place.

Actually, multiple people probably just did…

5. Just don’t ever ask anyone why they don’t have kids, okay?

Because it might lead to this.

6. Imagine if you had some kids running around…

Then you’d really be tired!

7. Sarah Silverman gets this one right.

Do what you want, when you want! What a way to live!

8. Let this sink in…

Any more questions?

9. Cheers to all the childless people out there!

Not bad, is it?

10. He’s always pretty honest on Twitter.

The guy is speaking the truth!

11. Oh boy, here’s one way to look at it.

I guess I never thought of that…

12. Here it comes!

I’ll be over here watching…

Why do you not have any kiddos?

And do you wish you did?

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