Back in the day, first I fought hard against getting a cell phone at all and then I REALLY fought hard against getting texting on my phone.

I guess I was pretty dumb…

I can’t imagine actually having to talk to actual human beings on the phone…who does that anymore?

Anyway, enough about me…take a look at these funny texts that people shared on social media.

1. Hahaha. This is good.

Took a while to figure out what was going on here.

byu/fiveri incomedyheaven

2. You shouldn’t joke around about dogs like this.

I’d be pretty mad if someone did this to me…

The dogs had an accident!
byu/mr_danyelli inGoodFakeTexts

3. I really want to know what happened here.

This needs to be made into a movie!

[deleted by user]
by intexts

4. Sounds like you’re a really hard worker!

Your boss must love you.

byu/Butterflies_Books inme_irl

5. There was a big misunderstanding here.

I wonder how the rest of this conversation went…

mercedes car
byu/parordice incomedyheaven

6. What do you think they were really up to?

You’re not supposed to say the quiet part out loud!

byu/teevje inGoodFakeTexts

7. Don’t bother coming home.

Don’t play around with someone’s water preferences…understand?

Water drama
byu/m4rkovic inGoodFakeTexts

8. He’d be huge!

I never thought about it this way…

That’s kinda tall
byu/angushalll inGoodFakeTexts

9. Grandma is learning how to text!

That can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing…not sure yet.

byu/Vgvgcfc incomedyheaven

10. How do you think this is gonna turn out?

Could go a bunch of different ways…

byu/calpol55 incomedyheaven

11. I hope this person apologized to their grandma.

This really went off the rails.

Me irl
byu/I_repost_memes_ inme_irl

12. They got excited, give them a break!

I think you did the right thing.

byu/owarner40 inme_irl

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We’d sure appreciate it!